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Yes the charges are built into the price you see.

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Do you see a breakdown of this charge anywhere? Sorry if I’m appearing uneducated

You’re talking about the ‘ongoing charges figure’, I think? That is a management charge that is deducted before any profits get to you. You won’t see it as an explicit deduction of money from your account. All that happens is the value of the fund is slightly reduced, and the price of the fund rises slightly less than it otherwise would have done.


Scroll to the bottom of your buy and look at Costs and Charges, or the KID.

Ah OK I get it. So a fund with what look like big charges are not necessarily ‘expensive’ if they perform well

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Yes @AdamL thats where I look. Get put off if the charges look expensive! :+1:

There are two warring camps on that issue! One camp argues that you get what you pay for, and that expert (active) management produces better performance, and that it’s worth paying the higher fee for it. The other camp says that fund managers don’t produce as much value as they claim, that outperformance is neither predictable nor sustainable, and that you’re better off as an investor paying the minimum fee possible. I think the evidence is mostly on the low-fee side of the argument, but you ought to do your own research and make up your own mind. (For the low-fee argument, start here: Low-cost index trackers that will save you money - Monevator)


Thanks @FailedTuringTest I will have a read :+1:

I like the vanguard life strategy funds! @FailedTuringTest
Can’t find them on freetrade!

Ah, no, you’ll only be able to buy funds that Vanguard has created ETF versions of. (Because ‘funds’ aren’t traded on stock exchanges, so Freetrade doesn’t offer them, but ETFs are. Because ETF means Exchange-Traded Fund.)

You can duplicate the effect of one of their LifeStrategy funds by buying a global tracker ETF like VWRL or VWRP and a global bond tracker like VAGP or VAGS in the proportions that mimic the LifeStrategy fund you want (80/20, 60/40, or whatever). If memory serves, it’s actually slightly cheaper in terms of ongoing fees to do it that way than to buy the LifeStrategy fund, you save a few hundredths of a percentage point, but you will have to rebalance manually - which is a good habit to develop anyway.


Ah great, I already have the vwrl. Now just looked at the vagp.
The vwrl shows lots of growth compared to the vagp.
I think 80vwrl /20vagp ratio?

Or maybe 60/40. To hedge against a rise in interest rates @FailedTuringTest

Remember that rising interest rates decrease bond values.

Not to say 60/40 is a bad idea - just don’t expect more bonds to give complete protection from rate hikes.


VAGP or any bond fund will be showing very poor growth right now because of the general interest rate situation. The main reason to keep bonds in a balanced portfolio is as insurance against a stock market crash, because usually when stocks go down, bonds go up. But right now, future interest rate prospects are such that the future for bonds is not very bright.

It’d be worthwhile doing some more research on it before making your decision on proportions. It also depends on your personal risk tolerance. Me, I do keep a small amount of short-term bonds and some cash as insurance against a crash. Some people (young, with good secure jobs and no dependents) go all in in risky investments.

But as @Cameron says, rising interest rates hurt bonds, so buying more bonds is not what you want to do if you want to protect against rising rates.


That’s very sound advice and a good investment strategy. I guess that’s why premium bonds are very poor at the moment.

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@Rajkaaju it should be possible to tap the queued trade to open it, scroll down if necessary, and cancel it

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For what it is worth; I still think bonds should be part of a portfolio. Maybe smaller than traditionally due to the current climate; but unless you’re young I wouldn’t go without them completely without doing a lot of solid research as to why you’re eliminating them in the first place. (Just me though.)


I bought some shares last year in Freetrade and now want to sell them… but I cant find how to sell them in the Android app ?

Are you referring to shares of Freetrade that you bought in one of the rounds of crowdfunding last year? If that’s the case, it is not easy to sell them. Check out this thread for a full discussion, particularly the final message from Viktor:


They are Tesla shares

I just need to know what buttons to press and where in the android app