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try to scroll down to find the sell button

Open the app. You’re probably on the ‘portfolio’ page that shows a graph of your overall performance. Scroll down a bit and click on the rectangle that shows the name ‘Tesla’ and how much you own. You should get to a screen that shows a graph of the stock price, and below that graph there are two buttons, buy and sell. Click ‘sell’. It will then ask you how much you want to sell or you can click ‘sell all’.

I have to scroll down on the mobile app to see the buy sell buttons and then get a surprise when it says i can only sell up to £25,000

It would be easier if both these points were known prior to embarking on the process

Dont you agree ?

that’s one way to look at it


I hope one of the points wasn’t where the sell button was and assume it meant the ease of selling FT shares. If this is the case then no, not at all :+1: If I buy a box of Thorntons chocolates in Tesco and have an issue I don’t go to a Thorntons deli shop but back to Tesco. The same principle with the FT shares.

And the 25k issue :man_facepalming: Never heard that issue before on anything other than GME and as you said Tesla then just do a couple transactions and job done :+1:

I am trying reading various discussions and find the latest reply is at the bottom , many discussions are over a year old
Is there a way to get to the recent discussions without using the scroll bar to drag down
I think? I am used to seeing the newer responses on most other forums or threads

Can you sort by latest? It is in the dropdown.

When in a thread you will see a timeline style vertical scroll bar on the right. Just tap or click the bottom of it where it says when the last reply happened. i.e 11h ago or 3d ago etc. It will take you to the bottom
If you’re on the forum home page then instead of clicking the title of the thread, instead click on the time under the Activity column. This will open the thread at the latest post

Guys what limits the ability to buy shares? (Apart from having the funds available)

I want to request Mistubishi be added (just because I want to buy one of their cars so figured it’d be nice to own stock in the company I’m getting a car from) but would it even be possible to get share from the Tokyo stock market?

And similarly I’ve seen alot of comments about UK fractional shares not being available is that just something Freetrade doesn’t do or is that something you cannot do?

Hey team. Great community, it seems!

I’m new to Freetrade but I have been (blindly) investing for a while. I want to turn over a new leaf in my investing journey.

How do know decide what to invest in?

Does anyone have a couple tips/tools I can use when investing in stocks, to avoid investing so blindly? I tend to get swept up in the reddit, newsworthy, big tech stocks.

I do not have time to review financial statements of companies, but i want to make somewhat informed decisions - is that possible in a short amount of time or am I up against it?

I started that way, and decided that I didn’t have a good idea of the valuation of the companies I was invested in.

I’m gradually selling off my shares (even though I seemed to have picked pretty good performers on the whole) and replacing them with ETFs, currently mostly FTSE100 and S&P500 and a smaller holding in VWRP. I also have some VGOV bonds, but only buy them when they seem to dip.

If you search the forum more, Cameron has some good posts about his ETF choices. It’s worth reading, even if you decide to do something else.

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Thanks @ralf .

Yeah, I have a few ETFs with another platform. I am keen on using Freetrade for individual stocks - but I have come to realise that unless you are dedicated and focussed on it - its highly speculative. So your advice is good!

I think I will continue doing a mix of ETFs and individual stocks, but will need to look around for resources/insights/platforms to make sure I’m not just gambling…

The app itself is only available to download in the UK, but if I have already downloaded it, can I still continue to use it and trade while I’m on holiday outside the UK ?

Yes .