Basic trades execution times?

I queued a basic trade on NYSE during open hours (1200 EDT) and the app says it will be executed at 5pm tomorrow… Does that means 5pm BST which would be 1200 EDT tomorrow?

I thought basic orders would be executed on the same day at 1600 local time if entered before the cut off time … am I mistaken?

I also placed a basic trade outside hours for execution on LSE says that it will be executed at 5pm tomorrow… which I believe should be 4pm?

Basic orders will be processed at 4pm UK time. If you’re seeing something different in the app, could you please drop us a message in the app so that we can look into that?

Thanks. I will report in app… both orders say 5pm tomorrow…

Is there a reason why basic orders on NYSE are not executed at 1600 local time? seems odd to choose to execute at 1100 local time (1600 BST) …

We process orders for US stocks at 4pm UK time to keep it simple. But that may change at some point in the future :slight_smile:

Are you abroad at all, in Europe somewhere perhaps?

I know when I travel the basic order time reflects the time of the country I’m in as it pulls from the iOS set time.

So I’ll see 7pm as I travel a bit.


I’m in the UK and my phone is set to BST, so I am thinking it may be a display issue in the app. When I go into discover and choose basic trade it says it will execute at 5pm .

That would be great Alex …hopefully this is something that we will see when FT grows… presumably it has staffing implications to execute outside UK office hours…

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