Better Portfolio Overview Stats

Currently, the stat you get on the homepage of the app e.g. “£322, Up By £65 since you began investing” is pretty useless.

It includes top-ups as an improvement in your portfolios performance and doesn’t actually tell you anything useful - in my opinion.

It would be better if we could set custom date ranges e.g. showing how much your stocks have improved over the last week.

Of course, you can choose 1D, 7D, 1M, 1Y or MAX but these do not change the stat at the top, and this also resets to 1M everytime you reopen the app.


Custom labels in Insights would be amazing,
Especially since some are not labelled and show Up as other

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I’ve opened a SIPP a week ago, and transferred another SIPP over, and the whole amount transferred shows as “Up by £ xxx since you began investing” is pretty useless. Even AJ Bell’s app can show you the cost and how much your shares have increased by on their account page. I never realised this “feature” as the only shares I had in my GIA account were those gifted to me. There it made sense to show the account as being “up by xxx…” as I hadn’t paid anything for the shares.

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