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Hey. I’m very much an infant investor, only just started using Freetrade about a year ago.

Now that we have US fractionals, finally, I’ve been looking around at opportunities. Booking’s value has dropped significantly since COVID began, and it’s doubtful that it’s going to change in the short-term. But their underlying business aptitude is undeniable, so it’s only a matter of time when normal travelling resumes and the stock rises significantly - akin to rise of the supermarkets, food deliveries and online shopping of the current climate.

If Freetrade had introduced US fractionals just a few weeks earlier, I know what stocks I would have jumped onto with the market shock price drops across many great stocks like Amazon, Tesla, Apple, and so on. But that boat has sailed. So now I’m looking around to see what else is happening.

What do you think?

Will you be investing in $BKNG at this time?

My only consideration is to wait a little longer, as their stock might drop even further as lockdowns continue, travel remains impossible for most, and the affects stockpile.

Love to hear your opinions!

I think it’s a great company still, but in a difficult environment. It’s like a public Airbnb, but the media talks less about it, because it’s not a hot startup with venture capital investors.

PE ratio is not too high, and EPS is very high, but the quarterly EPS is heavily impacted by COVID.


It’s a great business in a difficult spot.

I’d be interested to hear opinions as well.

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