Brexit Day

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I’m new to the forum and trading. I’m planning on making my first investments in the very near future. I don’t have a big lump sum to invest and i’m just going to invest small amounts regularly so obviously there isn’t a big risk initially but with brexit day looking is this a good time to start?

We don’t really have the same level of uncertainty as we have had over the last couple of months as everyone knows it’s happening on the 31st of January but I was wondering if the more experienced investors expected the markets to be more volatile around the exit day and if perhaps a first time investor might be better waiting a couple of weeks.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Unfortunately, no-one knows what’s going to happen on Brexit Day, we can only speculate. Would I expect more volatility? Probably but I couldn’t speculate with any certainty in which direction.

Over a long period of investing you’ll encounter many of these periods, corrections, trade wars and God forbid actual wars. If you’re genuinely worried sit it out, just make sure you’re aware of the potential upsides you could be missing as well as the downsides.

If in doubt DCA in.


I wouldn’t be afraid of brexit if I’m investing. I’ve still made a very good return because of it actually. It’s a good time to buy shares, in my opinion, because the prices are suppressed due to the brexit scare. In 5-10 years when we get trade deals, brexit wont be a problem anymore.

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This was discussed on Friday’s Fintech Insider Podcast with three very serious investors (including the Investment Director at Draper Esprit who invested in Freetrade). They were very chilled and bold about the future to be honest. I found it reassuring. It’s also just a great podcast so worth listening to in its own right.