British citizen living abroad

Hello everyone. My name is Luke, I am a British citizen who has been living and working in Thailand for 16 years. I’m now 46 years old and extremely aware that I have no pension or investments and would like to begin trading using the Free Trade service. Although unfortunately, the app is not available for Thai ip addresses. Is there any way I can begin using this service despite my location?

I really hope someone can give me some advice on this.

Thank you

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This seems to imply it’s possible if you’ve got a uk bank account and NI number.

No UK account but I have a National Insurance number

I believe you’ll need a UK bank account

Maybe I can get my dad to open one. Or just handle my investments in his name. I have power of attorney over his estate, should he ever become infirm anyway. So we are financially and legally connected already.

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I’d be very surprised if you could. Opening bank accounts is extremely hard because of AML/KYC rules.
2 seconds of using google confirm that they don’t allow that.