Moved to Australia from UK, can't update app


I moved to Australia so now use the Australian App store.

The app now won’t update so I can’t log in to the app.

I have had no help from Free trade despite contacting them.

Any ideas how I can get into the App?

This is just a guess, vpn and change store location?

Hoping I can speak to help so they can close my positions and transfer cash to my bank account.

I am in Japan and I can download it, but only from the UK App Store – not from the Japanese store. It sounds like you’ve either changed your App Store’s location or created a new account in Australia, which is currently signed in.

If you’ve changed your App Store’s location, simply change it back to the UK. This might affect your Aus apps though.

If you’ve created a new account, sign out of that one and into the old one to download/update the app. You can then sign back in to your Aus App Store account.

If you really can’t figure it out, just create a new App Store account which is based in the UK. You might need to link one of your UK credit/debit cards to prove your eligibility to Apple though.

You don’t need to use a VPN for any of these things. Apple is pretty traveller-friendly in this regard.

I have 4 different App Store accounts, each in different countries, due to living in different places throughout the years. It’s a bit of a pain managing each of the linked apps as a result, but that’s what we’ve gotta do.

Note that you may have different tax responsibilities if you have officially changed your country of residence and are no longer paying taxes in the UK. Your local Aus-based tax office will probably be able to answer any questions you have about it.

Good luck!

Thanks very much, I’ll try to set up another account for UK on a spare phone then.

I don’t think I have to pay tax on losses, ha.

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