Bug activity section

Hello to everyone, yesterday I made a lot of acquisition after having sold some share of a previous company I held.

Today I found that in the activity section all my acquisition and selling shows “0 shares”, the name of the company I acquired is there, but there is a zero on the number of shares I acquired… even of previous days, going back to years, all shows “0 shares” (only in the activity page, as my shares are shown in the portfolio section)

I hope they can fix this


Hi @Dani88 we are looking into this now.

Hi @Dani88 - There is not an underlying issue with your positions and it’s only a display issue in the app. We have identified a fix for it and the change has been submitted to Google for approval.

Once approved we will roll out the change and you can update to the new version of the app.

Apologies for the confusion!

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Thank you a lot, that’s great

Just updated, thanks again for your help, this prove once again your seriousness :clap:

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