Bulk Sell?

I started with a GIA and, with the new tax year starting this week, am looking to close this and open an ISA. Is there a quick way to sell all my current holdings to in order to do this?

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We don’t have that option at the moment so you’ll need to sell your investments one by one. At least it’s only a few taps in the app to sell a stock though :smile:

Please do suggest this as an idea if you’d like us to add this functionality in the future :raised_hands:

OK no problem - I’ll submit one now

Thanks :smiley:

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I’m going to do the same. Do we need to sell our investments. Withdraw our money to bank account. Then deposit it all again with our ISA unique reference code?

This thread might help [Feature Request 🔧] Internal GIA to ISA transfers (Bed and ISA)

As I understand it, you have to sell in the GIA, then you can ask support to move over the funds to the ISA account, at which point you can purchase the shares again.

Ah very helpful. Thanks @saf