Buy only as Plus member?

Dear community/freetrade employees.

I saw, that certain stocks (GME as an famous example) are only avaiable to Plus members. Is this related to the halt that was announced today, or is this a seperate thing?

Thanks in advance for any answer

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Hi Lorenz, this has been the case since we launched Freetrade Plus


Will a stock (for plus members only) eventually be available to everyone? It is a little frustrating. I am not at a point where it makes sense to pay an extra £10 a month. I am slowly building up my portfolio.

Is it possible to be a plus member for 1 x month… buy shares and then cancel… or is this (understandably) not allowed

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To answer the first question: No, you won’t be able to buy without being a plus member.

Second: You CAN just join for one month and buy all these stocks. After cancelling plus you can still sell them but not buy more.

You would not be able to join plus again for 3 more months.

@Ian_Hugh I would edit and remove your email from the message above as it is a public forum :+1:

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