Plus account for one month only?

Sorry if this has been covered - I briefly tried to search for it…

Assuming it is allowed, are there any disadvantages to; paying for the plus account for one month; buying the shares I want from there; then reverting back to the free platform? I was thinking there may be costs when I come to sell the shares, for example. Is it easy to switch back? Is there a minimum amount of months you need to stay with the plus version?

Thank you

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Hi @graham.venables1

There are no rules currently on how long you need to hold a plus subscription. You could subscribe, buy what you want and cancel. You could then sell plus stocks without a plus account at a later date, you’ll just not be able to buy more.

Remember there are many benefits to having FT+ and by hold £4,000 in your account the 3% interest makes it basically free. Also if you’re investing for the long term an ISA might be worth considering to keep your profits all to yourself and not have to pay tax on them.

Anyway welcome to the forum, I hope you find it a useful tool and you can contribute when you’ve see anything interesting while you research your holds.


Welcome, welcome, @graham.venables1
Hope you are enjoying your experience around here @NeilB pretty much covered it, but bear in mind if you cancel you can’t join again for 3 months (as I was advised by customer support in January)

Plan according and trade responsibility :v:t5:


Much appreciated, NeilB.

I’m happy mainly with the opportunities on the free site, but wanted some Agronomic shares - I think there is a good chance of major disruption to the ways farming is done over the next decade or so (just a hunch, I’m no expert). Thanks again, for taking the time.

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Thanks for the welcome and the useful info, rolla999

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Rize sustainable food ETF might be of interest to you then as well.


Cheers, I will look into it.

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