Is Plus worth it?

Hey everyone, is the locked stocks worth the 9.99 a month?


Depends on what you’re after and how you would use the other features.

Freetrade pay 3% on cash balances up to 4k which would effectively make plus free but you would also get isa for free which you would pay 3 quid a month for currently. Then you get the other access to shares plus limit orders.


In all honesty, I would have said yes - and firmly - if you’d asked a few months back. I personally think that limit orders are definitely worth having and personally they make/save me at least £10 a month. I also believe that a S&S ISA is definitely worthwhile having. I do also like :freetrade: very much and want to support them. However, their competitors have also improved in the last few months and some offer fee-free limit orders and S&S ISAs without charges.

The 3% interest is definitely a cool feature of Plus and I don’t think it’s available elsewhere.

Personally, I plan on waiting until April and seeing if the European expansion - and access to more exchanges - is a go by then. If they come out with that and offer some other incentives, they’ll remain my primary broker. It’s not about the £120 a year for for me, but having my ISA where I’ll have access to the best overall selection of instruments and user interface.

You have to make your own decision about this. My hesitancy to move right now is because I bought a lot of dips due to the March 2020 crash. They’ve increased in value, but I feel they have further to go. I’ll be deciding once the economy opens up and keep my ISA here at least until then. After that, I’ll be looking around and seeing which company will best suit my own needs. There isn’t a “best” broker out there by all metrics and it’s an individual choice.


It depends on how much you’re investing but I’d say 100% yes. Stop losses and limit orders alone can save/make you more than a tenner a month. And you’ll be supporting the incredible product and service provided by the FT team.

If you feel you can get more than a 3% p.a. return from investing the £4k, there is an opportunity cost to having it sat in your account. I use the £4k as a reserve for DCA or until stocks in my watchlist go ‘on sale’. Having sat through the FT Clubhouse event, it does seem their plan is to scale back features in the normal FT accounts and add more features to Plus.

Me too

I have a SIPP and an ISA with Free trade.
Does anyone know if I take up plus will I save £3 a month off the SIPP fee and get the ISA for free?
I’ll probably do it if that is the case.
I have asked on Free trade but it’s hard to get a reply these days.

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The Products section on should give you the pricing info you need.

Thank you.

So even though I have the SIPP and ISA already, I will be eligible for discounts on the existing products?


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Thanks. I have asked customer services but no reply.

I am thinking that if I get the ISA for free and £3 a month off the SIPP, plus will cost me £4 a month and will be worth doing.

What isn’t clear is if you only get the discounts if you have plus when you open the sipp/ISA, or if the discounts cut in if you subscribe to plus at a later date.

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ISA + SIPP + Plus = £16.99 / month.


I don’t know the price for ISA + SIPP together but I know that when I pay for FT plus, ISA included.