Can I get a Freepass while I'm on the waitlist


I’m Android.
Androiders may have iPhoners as friends.
May we get freepasses, or are they, at this stage, meant for people already using the app :sob:

Freepass :tickets:
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They’re for people who have the app right now. If you’re an Android (or iOS) user who’s on the waitlist then referring your friends to Freetrade will bump you up the list :1st_place_medal:


Got it.

Isn’t the point of the freepass to give instant access to the person who uses it? :confused:

Meaning, they are unrelated with an interest in going up the list

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I guess I was thinking that the link here’s that Freepasses get you instant access & referrals get you quicker access, if that makes sense?


I think it does
(Why do posts need to be at least 20 characters)

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Great :pray:

This stops people posting things like “+1” as a reply, rather than using likes :heart:

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