Can I transfer shares to my Freetrade ISA from a SIP?


I’m a newbie so please bare with me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:Hoping someone can help… I currently have some employee shares as part of a company SIPP scheme which are held and managed by a company called Computershare. Can I somehow transfer them to my Freetrade ISA when I am allowed to access them?

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Transfers in and SIPPs are both on the roadmap but not available yet. If you can hold on a bit longer then you can see if you’ll be able to when they launch

Just to clarify, even if Freetrade did support transfers in, you wouldn’t be able to transfer assets from a SIPP to an ISA. Your SIPP is locked away till 55/60 and you can only transfer it to another SIPP. There are no loopholes to access things within a SIPP beyond something genuinely serious like a 12 month terminal illness.


Is it a Share Incentive Plan ( SIP ) as opposed to a SIPP ? If so they can be transferred out to ISAs once you’ve held them for 5 years - however as per the answer from @Rat_au_van not FT ( yet ) .

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Beware of timing too. You have 90 days from when you are able to trade them to put them in to another isa.


Thanks Jim… you’re right! It is a SIP, I used too many P’s in my description. We think there is a merger/takeover coming and therefore we’ll be treated as good leavers and have access to all of the shares early without the need to pay tax etc :+1:t2:


Superb! I wish I could do the same … :money_with_wings:

If you have a decent amount of shares make sure you still transfer to an isa when you can so you don’t have capital gains tax in the future if you have a merger that leaves you with shares :joy: obviously so long as you keep them and don’t just sell up straight away :grin: