Freetrade transfer offer 🥳

Hello Freetrade community,

I took the free share offer when transfering £10k+ to a new SIPP, ISA or GIA ending in the 31st of January.

According to my calculations, the 90 days post offer was yesterday, but I haven’t received my free share(s) yet. Is it just me or other people as well? The offer term said “within 90 days” but the 90 days expired yesterday.

I am pretty sure that I was eligible, but just in case I wanted to confirm with the rest of the community before raising a support ticket.,11%20December%20and%2031%20January

I couldn’t find any other topic to ask this, so I have
created this one.


I am also entitled to 2 shares for transferring to SIPP and GIA separately.

I have opened a support ticket and they have told me they’d look into it…

Quite disappointed from the breach of the legal terms of a contract they wrote.

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I can’t comment specifically on your case as i didn’t participate in this one, however I know when i did one last year it was within 90 days of the date of the offer closing not 90 days from when your transfer finished and in my case i had it about a month after the offer closing date.

In the terms and conditions it does give the following email for you to contact of any issue’s with the free share which is

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This offer ended on the 31st of January, so 90 days was yesterday. It did say that we would get the free share within the 90 days, not 1 month after the 90 days of the end of the offer.
I didn’t mind if that was the offer terms, but in this case was not.

After contacting the support, the automatic assistant says that if we don’t get the free share until the 1st of May to contact the support.
I will wait until the end of today!

The terms said It’s within 90 days of the end of the offer.

Please read the terms and conditions Transfer Special Offer

When will you receive your free shares?

We will award the free share within 90 days of the completion of the campaign if your transfer has completed

I really don’t mean to be rude, but it’s clearly stated when and how to receive the shares

I got an email to say I would receive the share this week.

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Good to know. Maybe I will get it as well. When did you get the email?

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I got it on the 28th March.

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No need to be rude.

The terms said it’s within 90 days. That was till yesterday and I didn’t receive the two shares within yesterday.

Easy as that.

I don’t mean it in a bad way and happy to concede some more time, but it would have been great for everyone involved to be made aware there would be some delays instead of leaving it to us to follow up.

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Ok, the support kindly asked me to wait until the end of the day for the free share to be awarded.

Within 90 days of the completion of the campaign (or validity period) which I quoted. It’s not 90 days from your transfer.

You got an email to confirm you were eligible and would receive it ?

Sorry for the confusion, but I never said I expected the shares to be awarded within 90 days from my transfer, as that wouldn’t be part of the T&Cs of course.

I just expected it to happen within yesterday, which is 90 days from the end of the campaign.

Still waiting for an update on the app from Customer Support.

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Also got email on 28th March saying it would arrive this week.

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Hi all free shares have been/are being awarded for this first transfer campaign today. If you don’t have yours yet it should arrive shortly.


Were we expected to get emails a few weeks ago? I’ve not had anything confirming my transfer is eligible (it definitely is eligible)

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Not that I was aware of. The shares being awarded today are for the offer that ran towards the start of this year. The one for the tax year end is still to be awarded! Let me check though


Yup. No free share here despite depositing 20k
‘within 90 days’ well and truly passed and even that is a mega stretched out small print clause. Looks like this a a welched on deal.

Try to contact and met with an annoying anti-customer ‘chatbot’. Yes, we all love those don’t we?
No response from a human for up to 3 wroking days.
No phone number to contact.

Poor show.

It was the one in January this one I think Transfer Special Offer

As I transferred in January and am expecting the £400 share at some point when it’s sorted… not particularly rushed, but just now wondering if I was to be expecting an email about it… I hope they don’t base it on the cash transfer alone and not the combined sipp transfer (shares+cash):sweat_smile: