Can only see two conversations back?

On the in app support can you only see the two previous conversations?

This would be fine usually but just wanted to check something that had been said in one and realised the last two were the payment issue yesterday (On saying the problem and the other that it had now been solved)

I can see all mine back to September

You are looking in live chat > see all?

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Account (in the top right) --> Live chat
There are only the last two and no see all button

Android latest version

You don’t have this option?

Don’t use android but I imagine it would be the same.

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No that option is definitely not there

New onversations is and the run on intercom and a “Find an answer yourself” but no see all button

Maybe you could make a screenshot and attach here? Would be easier to help :slight_smile:

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I checked with someone on android and they have a see all button

Might be worth a delete and reinstall?

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If you have had more than two conversations, it would probably be better to send this in the app’s live chat, hopefully the support will give you the reassurance that your data is still there and help you access it.


I’ve checked & the option should be there, could you try deleting & reinstalling the app?


I’m on Android and have the “see all”. Hopefully reinstall fixes it for you.

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