Cannot download app on Andriod device

My google play says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. It was installed before last March. The system is most recently updated MIUI 13.0.2.
I searched similar topics and the answers do not work for my phone.

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Hi @dzhan

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What phone and OS version are you using? :freetrade: will have a fairly strict support levels due to the security required to manage your money.

Thanks! @NeilB
I am using RedMi K40. I installed freetrade last March and it worked. However, since last November it no longer works and when I tried to download freetrade, Google store says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. I updated the system to MIUI 13 recently and found Google store is gone. Is it possible to send me the freetrade apk file so I can directly install it on my phone?

Hi @dzhan

The app is only downloaded from the App Store and they have strict compatibility limits due to the nature of the app. It might be worth reaching to as they have probably got a full compatibility list. (I don’t work for :freetrade: just trying to be helpful :wink: )

Good luck

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