Android - Incompatible with all my devices


I am looking to install this on Android, but the play store says that its incompatible with all of my devices. I have a Google Pixel (v1) running Android 9 and I am in the UK

Is this a known issue?

Hi :wave: are you logged into the UK Play Store?

I’m logged into the play store ( with my UK account? :slight_smile:

(I dont have any other type of play account)

Ok, could you please send us a message via the live chat on the website so that we can look into this?

Cheers - posted a message & waiting for someone to pick it up now


I got asked a question about my device (pretty much same as what you asked earlier) but 20 minutes without an update now

Just to close this off, if you can’t see the option to download the Android app, please check that your device has Play Protect certification. If it doesn’t, unfortunately you won’t be able to download the app at the moment.

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Ah you beat me to it @Freetrade_Team1

For the benefit of anyone else with this - I have an unlocked bootloader, but I’ve not rooted my device.

Due to the fact its unlocked, its not considered certified by play store, so some apps (including freetrade) dont show as compatible it seems.

I’ll lock my bootloader later this evening and try again & let you know how it goes.

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Yes you do.

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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere – first post here and very new to this.

Android user wondering about the status of the Android app. WHen I see it in the Google Play thing, it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version” – is that because the app hasn’t launched yet, or is it actually something I need to see about on my device?

Thanks all,


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Hey Stephen, welcome to the community :smile:

And don’t worry about asking questions that might have been answered elsewhere. I’ve moved your post here because we’ve shared some details about what you should check when you’re seeing that message.

I hope this helps, if you’re still stuck please feel free to ask!

Thanks for this. I’m on Android 6, I think, which (disappointingly) means that my device isn’t compatible. Is there a reason for this? Other Fintech providers don’t seem to have this requirement…

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I’m sorry to hear that :pensive:

The short answer is that as a startup, unfortunately we have limited resources & since relatively few Freetrade users are on versions below 7.0, we’ve decided not to support them at the moment.

We’ve explained that decision in some more detail here - Android waitlist app sneak preview - #17 by greg.

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I am not able to install freetrade app i got 2 android phones one older another newer both have no problems with apps before . Allways in google play it shows your device is not compitable with this version or something like this :smirk: Priority for freetrade would be make app work on any android phone otherwise they gone loose potential users because soon we gone see dezero in UK as well … :slightly_smiling_face:

The app only works for phones with version Android 7.0 and above.


There’s some more details about our requirements for Android phones in this thread so I’ve moved your post over. I hope that helps!

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Thank you for info .

I did check my android version is 8.1 so it should be fine . Its probably something else like alex.s said .


Unfortunately I can not seem to install the freetrade app on my Oneplus5t.

I am getting the error that my device is incompatible.

Hi Max, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve moved your post over to this thread because we’ve shared some more details about what to check here. In particular, this might be what’s stopping you from downloading the app?