Can't download

I can’t download the freetrade app on my huawei honor 6x mobile,says device not compatible,screeshot attached,please help,thanks in advance.

Freetrade requires Android version 7 and higher. That phone seems to use version 6.0 which is too low. You can see if you are able to upgrade to a higher version of Android and see if it works then. Otherwise, there is little that you can do other than buy a new device.

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What version of Android are you using?

Hi Jimmy,mine is android version 8.0, please see attachment.
Please suggest

Hi Pineapple,mine is android version 8, please see attachment.

It is andtoid 8,has play certificate

In that case, look at the following:

  1. is your phone rooted? That can cause issues with this kind of thing.

  2. tried clearing the google play store app data and cache and restarting the phone?

  3. Also, is your google play store set to the UK?
    (You can see this in Google Play settings → General → Account and device preferences)
    If it’s not, then you will need to change it to the correct location.

Hi Jimmy,thanks for replying and trying to help.
My phone is android 8.
Play certified.
I have cleared cache of google play store and restarted
My Google play is rooted to UK
Tried everything,any other solutions.

What about a VPN, have you got one turned on?

No never ever, don’t even know what it is

Are you trying to get the app from outside the UK?

No no,I am in UK,my phone is in uk,play certificate present,android 8,cache cleared,phone restarted,still no joy,all you android experts, please give me a solution

You might need to reach out to the team at FT as I think we’re missing something. - just copy this thread for them to see.

Good luck

Hi NealB
Thanks for the email contact.
I have emailed them but could not copy the thread.

Sorry to be a pain but how do I copy the thread.

Just copy the link for the address bar, it’ll save you time in having to explain everything that we’ve all suggested.

Good luck!