What Version of Android

Can anybody advise what version of Android FreeTrade works on? I have four Android devices, including Android 9 and Android 10 and when I try to install FreeTrade I get messages saying it is not compatible with my device.

Hi Nigel. I’m on Android 10 and it works fine for me. There have been some posts of issues if someone was living outside the UK or not using the UK app stores, other than that I’m struggling to suggest anything.

What device? There were issues previously with Huawei phones…

Android 10 here as well, Samsung.

My Android 10 device is a generic phone,The model number shows as Note30 Plus. Hardware shows as MTK6889 with a 10 core Kernel Android version 10.

Try the below

I’m OK with the app using Android 9 on a Samsung 8 phone.

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