Compatibility issue on Android

(Thibault) #1

Hi, I tried to load the app when I saw that it’s not compatible with my device.
I own a Huawei Nova - a high-end and powerful model, only one year old.

Will this be fixed soon please ?

(Emma) #2

What android OS is it running?


Android compatibility hell starts :frowning:

(Thibault) #4

I run always the latest (actually 7.0) and never encounter any compatibility issues. So this should be fixed with no much troubles.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Thanks, has your device been rooted?

(Thibault) #6

Definitely not rooted! All clean installs.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Ok thanks, could you please message us via live chat from the app so that we can pick up all of your device details & then check on this for you?

(Thibault) #8

How could I chat from the app since I’m unable to install it. GooglePlay says “device is not compatible”.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

:man_facepalming: my bad. Could you please message us from the website instead so that we can keep you updated there.

(Thibault) #10

ok, I opened a chat on website.

(Chris) #11

Isn’t 9 the latest version of Android?

(Thibault) #12

You’re right. In the mean time I can’t imagine that a one year old smartphone can already be too old.
V 7 of android is already a pretty robust one. I din’t even notice any miss or issue. That’s why it’s also compatible with any app, but this one.

(Alex Sherwood) #13

Unfortunately the app isn’t available to download from the non-UK Play Store.

We want to enable that in the future though, please keep an eye on this topic for updates -

Make the app available in all the App Stores (not just the UK ones)