Android version incompatible with my device?

(Marcus Watts) #1

I am a tester however I cannot even download the app. Despite having Play Protect certification and being in the UK version of the play store, it still won’t let me download the app either on the beta version or the public version. Please help!

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Do you have version 7.0 or later of the OS? If not then I’m sorry to say you won’t be able to download the app at the moment.

We’ve explained why in more detail here Android waitlist app sneak preview.


(Shaun) #3

I’m testing on a slightly older device - Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603) with Andriod 6.0.1. Cannot install the app as it is incompatible with my device. What are the basic requirements for running the app and is this by design? I am able to load all other apps I’ve tried from the playstore.


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(Alex Sherwood) #4

Hi Shaun, this question got asked here earlier so I’ve moved your post over. You need Play Protect certification & Android 7.0 or higher at the moment I’m afraid. This is by design.


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(Shaun) #5

Thanks Alex. Makes sense and a good motivation to get a new phone.

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