Cannot Log in - Deposited funds


I recently signed up via a referral from another member, I filled out all the relevant details like NI, Passcode etc. I was able to access the account once after the first sign up and have deposited funds into the account as they’ve been removed from my current account.

Now everytime I load up the app, it sends me the magic link which I press and asks me to create a passcode and fill in all the previous information again, yes I tried filling out all correctly again but it just hangs on the creating your account page forever.

Please can someone help, not had a reply from live chat/email as yet and am desperate to not lose my funds on the account.


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You won’t lose your money, this is an issue a few people have had recently if you search. Someone had luck with clearing the cache and app data? Otherwise I’m sure support will get there soon.


I am exactly in the same boat in the UK. Managed to sign up, deposited, lost access. Magic link is the same, prompts me to enter a passcode then start signing up again.

Had to sign up a number of times just to get to the chat to ask for help. Had 1 response yesterday morning telling me to use the magic link that i explained I had already done many times. now its been 36 hours without a reply. I just want a refund at this point. no longer interested

Glad I’m not the only one then. I’m in the same boat refund wise if it is to carry on without a response.

Just be nice to get some sort of message. Even their twitter read my DM & Ignored it.

I can understand the high volume they must be getting this week, but after a while, it becomes tedious. Will keep you informed!

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Agreed, nice one :+1:

Out of interest are you guys on Android or iOS?

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Hang fire folks I’m sure this will be sorted out soon.
I’m on Android and only recently signed up myself. Just logged in with no issues.

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Hi, Android for myself. OnePlus 8T

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Sorry to hear that :cry:

Can you DM me and I’ll take a look.

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Sorry about that. :cry: Can you DM me and I’ll take a look.

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Hi Gemma, not sure how to DM on here. I don’t seen an icon here or on your profile…

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I’ll send you a DM!

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Update for you guys. Gemhappe on this thread got in touch, asked for my email and all has been sorted now!

For those that asked, I am on Android.