Stuck on the creating account screen after depositing money

Created an account, added my NI number etc, deposited £100.

Next thing I know I’m back at the creating account screen.

It’s been like this for well over 24 hours now, and I’m worried I’ve been scammed.

can anyone help?

You haven’t been scammed, don’t panic. They are overloaded at the moment and deposits take 3-5 days on a normal week. You can try reinstalling or clearing the cache on your phone, but otherwise it might be a day or two before you hear back. Welcome!

I realise this is what someone would say if it was a scam, but its not. :wink:

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Fixed now, they sorted it out fairly quickly and all is good.

It does seem like a recurring issue though.

Glad you got it sorted. I’ve been struggling for nearly 4 days getting someone to look into the issue of me being stuck on the account creation screen. Makes me very reluctant to put money into it given how I seem unable to get past the first hurdle.

Same here, stuck on the create account screen after I logged out the app, cannot get back in to my account after I was using the account and buying stocks, still waiting to get back to me after 5 days

I don’t know who’s on duty right now, nor do I know who’s the best person to reach out to so…

@Gemhappe @MeghanB26 can someone take a look at this please

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Dropping you a DM now!

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