Cannot place an order!

When I press the buy button it keeps loading the share price and the review order button doesn’t work! Any advise?

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My advice is to give more detail.

What stock. What phone/OS. When did you try. Are you on a VPN. Can you trade other stock. Do you have funds available. Was any error message shown. Screen shots.

That’s just off the top of my head.

Iam using an iphone… there has not been any problems before it has just started today! Its the same for all of the stocks and I have funds available in mu account! I am not using a VPN!
A screen shoot is attached.!
image|231x500 !

This error pops up!

@sampoullain I signed out from the app and now I cannot get back in!! I have nor being able to buy any stocks today!! I am very annoyed!!