Cannot set up account - help!

I cannot open my freedtrade account. I enter alll my details and then the app sort of resets itself. Ive been trying for a week.

I believe other people are having this issue. I have emailed but I’ve had no response.

Help please

I have had the same issue for the last 3 days. Put all of my information in, the account says that it is creating and then after a while goes on to a page that says the servers need some coffee. Opened multiple chats, one response saying it was a known issue but this was days ago and no response since.

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I don’t know who’s on duty right now, nor do I know who’s the best person to reach out to so…

@Gemhappe @MeghanB26 can someone take a look at this please

Hi Both :wave:

Please drop me a DM so I can look into this for you! :pray: