Can't sell shares, orders stuck pending

I have 30+ shares of GGB that I was swing trading, which has now hit my price target. However, I put a stop-loss order in which got stuck ‘Pending’ a few days ago and has been stuck ever since. I tried to cancel it, but even that is now pending.

I’ve also now tried to sell my shares with an instant and market order, as I’ve hit my profit target, but it won’t let me - it tells me I have ‘0-E8’ shares available whenever I enter how many I’d like to sell. My stop loss was never hit, so I still own all of the shares, I simply can’t sell them at all. This is a huge bug that is now costing me money. Freetrade haven’t replied to my query. Hoping someone on this forum has a workaround I can use???

If you are having issues with your trades you need to be speaking to the Freetrade support team asap.

I’ve tried that, no response.

I can’t help, but what’s a GGB?

Sorry, should’ve said “shares of GGB”. GGB is the ticker.

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You need to remove the stop loss first, you can’t sell them as they’re ringfenced for the stop loss.

It should say 0 shares, that’s a glitch, but just cancel the stop loss and it’ll work.

Hey, yeah this is usually what I encounter, however it’s the actual cancellation of the stop loss which is stuck ‘pending’ now.

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