Cash ISA to Freetrade Stock and Shares ISA

I asked to transfer my Barclays cash ISA to my Freetrade Stock & Share ISA account 2 weeks ago but the money has still not arrived. I have contacted the chat helpline but despite several attempts, I have received generic responses. Does anyone has a contact number they can share, please? Many thanks.

Freetrade don’t do phone support - Cash ISA transfers can take about 4 weeks.

ISA Transfer - Transfer your stocks and shares ISA | Freetrade - read the FAQs here…

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Hi, @BobC thanks for your reply. Apparently, Freetrade gave Barclays the wrong Bank Details and the money now is not where it was supposed to be. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the person in charge of the transfer but he’s not replying to me. As we’re talking about a considerable amount, I’m currently very worried.

In that case you should continue to try and contact them via the in app chat or - make sure you use the same email you signed up with to send the message as it’s linked to your account

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Thanks for the update @BobC. I’ve just sent an email to the email address provided. After a chat with Barclays it seems that I’ve been scammed and, to be honest, the response from Freetrade has been very generic.

If Freetrade did give Barclays the wrong number then it would A) get fixed and B) be covered by law. This means you have not been scammed at all. Now if you have gone through a 3rd party and it is in fact not Freetrade you have been speaking to then that is between you and your bank and not Freetrade.

Yes FT are not great on customer service in all aspects but I don’t see how you get scammed if you did arrange directly with FT and Barclays. Appreciate it may be stressful but you are 100% safe with the 2 companies :+1:

Good luck and hope the “Scammed” comment was just panic as like I say if your other comments are true I believe you can’t be scammed if you spoke to both directly to arrange. I’d also be shocked if Barclays transfer money to a fake FT.

Edit - that may have sounded a bit harsh but was meant as an assurance you probably have not been scammed going by the fact you say FT spoke to Barclays :+1:


If you believe this is the case, you should probably ask Barclays about the next steps in getting the police involved.

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Hi, @Big-g thanks for your comment. I’m currently struggling in understanding who provided the wrong account details. I’ve tried to get that answer from FT and the ISA team at Barclays but seems impossible to get to the culprit. I’ve also got in touch with the company that has received the funds to flag the issue. I hope to get back my money ASAP and, as you mentioned, be covered by law.

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Indeed, I’ve spent the morning on the phone with Barclays to keep this moving as fast as possible.

If you have genuinely been scammed I suggest you post a new thread here after calling the police :+1: ISA TRANSFER NOT HAPPENED YET. — MoneySavingExpert Forum

From your comments it would suggest that Barclays actually scammed you as well as it isn’t just a cheque gone missing but an ISA and they should surely “shake hands” with registered ISA providers before transferring money.

As I said earlier it is understandable to be stressed but scammed isn’t the issue :+1: Very bad service and horrible stress yes but not a scam. Sorry if I sounded harsh I just hate the word thrown around by people who don’t even have a real issue so it winds me up :man_facepalming: Not suggesting you don’t have an issue :+1:

It is also good to post on MSE as the guilty company don’t want bad press and may be prompted into acting quicker :+1: and the people there are pretty good on these issues. Let us know how it ends but don’t be put off FT if it isn’t their fault as although contact isn’t great the product is very good.


Something about this sounds very fishy too.

If you’d been given the wrong company details, it should either have been flagged as being wrong when Barclays did the transfer, or else the company that received the funds may have been complicit too and so aren’t going to help.

But if it was an error, and some strange guy (i.e. you) phones them out of the blue saying you put some money in their account by accident and can you have it back please, they’re going to think that they’re the ones being scammed, and rightfully ignore it.

But Barclays should be able to work with the receiving bank to revert the transaction or ask the customer to return it through official channels that don’t sound really dodgy.

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@Big-g Thanks again for the suggestion, this is very helpful. I’ll make sure to keep you posted while getting to the bottom of this.

@ralf I see your point but I’m trying to move things as fast as possible. As mentioned above, I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to understand where my money is with no results from both sides, and I’m talking about a pretty large pot here.