Change of bank account

I’ve been trying to contact via email to change my bank account for the previous week and emails keep bouncing back

If you’ve sent multiple emails and they have been bounced then perhaps you are sending them to the wrong email address.

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I am not sending them to the wrong email address, I would like to invest more funds and am currently unable to as I need to change my bank account please assist me in doing this

I don’t work for Freetrade, but I am trying to help you.

If you don’t want to say what email address you are using, then there is very little more I can do for you.

Good luck.

I am using my registered email address and have sent to and

Hi Natasha,

Sorry to hear this.

I have forwarded your query to the customer service team and someone will be in touch to look into this for you right away.

I’ll close this thread now :+1:t5: