Please help me update my address

I’ve had enough with the inability to be able to make contact with anyone at Freetrade . For weeks I’ve been trying to do such a simple thing as change my address, so that I can get on with a transfer my isa OUT . I have moved house and being unable to amend my details prevents my transfer.
No response from weeks of chat requests, and now we are in last day or so told that we have to email as well.
Today I submitted a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service with regards to Freetrade not facilitating access to customer funds.


You’re well in your rights to do that.
However, I’m not sure why you opened this thread. What is it you want to accomplish?


Maybe the smallest possibility of somebody dealing with my simplest of requests to update my address. That’s all.

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Could you email us on for the address change please? The turnaround time is a number of days, which is slower than we wish for, but we will do our best to do this for you as soon as we can.

Freetrade Team

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Why do you need to change your address? I ask out of curiosity. I’m in similar situation but changing addresses is so difficult sometimes with some banks/providers that I wonder if does it worth to do it or just leave old addresses all around. I don’t think Freetrade is ever going to send a postal letter to me so why to change it, I wonder

I recently updated my address.
Very quick despite me taking my time. Did it in app chat. Just needed to upload a document with new address on.

While this was going on I was still depositing and withdrawing (in case anyone comes across this and is worried)

Address has to match the one used with the company I need to transfer out to.

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If anyone responded to the chat then that would work. Tbh the chat system used to work reasonably well. But 3 weeks with multiple chat requests made with no reply, and same with emails is now getting silly


Have you tried the email addresses offered in other forum posts or the agents here in forum?
One I know is @MeghanB26

Edit: oops, deletes previous message as wasnt a reply and added this as too similar to previous message

I’m not a mind reader but i’d say it’s to warn others about how difficult it’s going to be to get an address change right now.

Something i’ve been concerned about myself as i may have to contact someone myself quite soon…Not something i’m looking forward to.