Changing Address

(Jonny) #1

Hi all,

Although I don’t need to change my address currently I can see me needing to change it in the coming year.

Just wondered how hard this process would be / will I be able to change it in app?


Ps. I’ll not move if it means I can keep my Freetrade account :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I’d rather not detail the exact process because it varies & may change in the future but it’s pretty simple. There isn’t an option to change your address in the app. You would just message us in the app & we can get your address updated within a day or two.

I’ve moved this topic to the #help category because that’s where others will be looking for this sort of information, I hope that’s ok!

(Jonny) #3

Ah perfect! No worries, like I said this is more a question for my future self however I was still curious.

Thanks again @alex.s for the speedy response!