Changing Personal Details


I’ve been trying to change my personal details and currently I’m totally dependent on the app chat and email which I requested support on 28th Jan with no response.

I understand free trade has seen a significant amount of increase in users, but having to depend on customer support to change your name/address where it could have been done via app or website is a bit frustrating!

Hi Umar, welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had no reply since the 28th of January and thanks for understanding that we have had a surge in users causing response delays, but we’re making good progress in catching up on messages.

We’ll take your feedback regarding an in app personal details update function on board.

We can’t access your customer information here, so could you please send us an email at, and we’ll check it out ASAP for you.

Hi I sent an email yesterday and have just resent it if that helps.