Hi FT,

After emailing and messaging numerous times this week, I’ve not had one response. I have joined FT but I have an old address on there and would like it changing. I’ve not been able to place any trades this week because of this and I’ve lost out big time (ARB Being the big hit!! - missed the boat, thanks)

Sorry I know this is a forum but I’m hoping this will put another pair of eyes on this as I’m not sure what else I can do other than email and message on chat…

any ideas welcome as FT are quiet on this front for such a simple request

Baffled why having an old address would prevent you making trades.

Because my billing address is different. Pretty standard when when buying anything on card if the billing doesn’t match up to your address

Given the limits on paying in money via card (Google and Apple Pay have a lifetime limit of £1K according to Depositing with Google Pay & Apple Pay | Support), would you not be best doing a bank transfer anyway?

I didn’t even know you could bank transfer but just seen that. Takes 3-4 hours so hopefully don’t miss the boat again today! Thank you for your help Tony. If only FT could come back to me too. Thanks again.

You only ever used to be able to do bank transfer, they introduced paying by card last year(?) but I think this is more a “nice to have this for emergencies” type arrangement, because it costs them (hence the lifetime limit).

NB. Make sure you specify your unique reference for any bank transfer so they know it should hit your account!!

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