Chilango Burrito Bonds

  • Restaurant chain Chilango raised money through mini-bonds this year**
  • It initially intended to raise just £1m but ended up with 3 times as much**
  • Mini-bonds are unregulated and unprotected high-risk investments**
  • According to reports the company has brought in a restructuring firm**
  • It said they would help to ‘assist on long-term planning, options and strategy’**

Chilango shares were my first foray into crowdfunding. :frowning:


So, will investors be getting a :burrito: or a :doughnut:?

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We will see soon I am sure

Hence my reluctance in investing in unsecured bonds.


I invested in Chilango (equities) a while ago. Need to check my certificates if I can claim loss-relief. :frowning:

Meanwhile Chipotle (CMG) recovered after the e-coli bear market.

Email received today about the Chilango CVA - need to review the detail but I guess another where EIS loss relief may not be available - 7 out of 19 of my Crowdcube investments down the tubes!

Why would EIS loss relief not be available?

I understood this was only available if the company ceased trading completely, not restructured; however I need to do some further research on this.

Did any other Chilango investors manage to claim EIS loss relief?

Appears that the company was sold to RCDP Investments 4 Limited - whoever they may be. No record on Companies House.
The Administrators ‘Notice of administrator’s proposals’ was incorrect - the buyers name was RDCP Investments 4 Ltd who changed the name to Chilango Ltd on 09 Sep 2020

The last comms I received is from WCS Nominees back in August but nothing since then. I doubt there will be any residual value for equity holders?

Mucho Mas is still showing as in Liquidation -
22 Sept 2021 - Appointment of a voluntary liquidator

Any thoughts from other Chilango/Mucho Mas investors?

Also wondering when it would be appropriate to write off as tax loss? Any pointers appreciated

09 Nov 2022 - Liquidators statement if receipts ad payments to 02 Sept 2022 so still not dissolved yet.