Anyone with invites left? :pray:

I’ll add my name to the long list of people wanting an invite - if there are any spare it’d be much appreciated! Thanks!

I’d appreciate an invite if anyone has one available. Thanks.

Would anyone be able to spare me an invite at all please?

Much appreciated!

I would like an invite please if anybody has one going :smiley:

I still have 3 invites left, please DM me with your number.

EDIT: all gone.

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Whos not hyped over Interactive Radio on the Internet? its a mind blowing concept…they said during the dot com bubble

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Yes wouldn’t mind an invite if people have one spare

Will DM you Lee

Would love to get a clubhouse invite please but i cannot DM anyone yet as my account is new

Thanks a lot!
Btw did 2 freetrade CF!

Back again, if you see this and are about to post about having an invite could you DM me pleeeeeaaassseee!!! :upside_down_face:

Thank you!

I too, would appreciate any spare invites that the community might have!

I have two if anyone wants them

I’d be grateful for an invite if anyone’s got a spare


Edit: nevermind it’s iPhone only so couldn’t us it.

Can I have a link please?

I’d love one pls ! :point_up:

andreessen Horowitz VC guys and Ben Horowitz’swife run nice ClubHouse shows

They record them and post in the a16z Live podcast.

If you’re runnin a company listen to their words, they know their s***, espcially fintechs.

the Databricks Ceo is currently on during their Boss Talk sessions,they’re basically marketin the dataAI company before theIPO + sharing some gold advice for all the founders