Company financial data

Newbie here. Are there any good websites that provide the last 5 years’ financial data of UK companies? Which one you recommend.


I pay for Simply Wall Street, which automatically analyses company reports and financial data. I imagine other services exist that do similar things. They offer a free trial and the price goes down if you pay during the trial.

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For listed companies, each company will publish their annual accounts under the investor relations tabs of their respective websites. I appreciate that this can be a massive pain to spread company financials, as there’s so much variation in presentation. Watch for out for reporting currency too!

If you have friends working in any financial analyst type role, you can ask them to hop on to CapIQ/MI or Bloomberg, and pull the data off in batches. My preference is the former for company financials because of how my work flow is set up.

As @beermoneytrader mentioned, Simply Wall Street is been good and Annual Reports is a good starting place too.

For non-public companies, it can trickier to obtain financial information due to different disclosure requirements and the domicile of the reporting company (e.g. UK cf. Burkina Faso!)

For anyone new to unpicking company financials, this primer from the SEC is really nice:

The cheapest fastest way is prbably Yahoo Finance… Companies House, investor relation sites, and Google spreadsheets are your friends too