Constant crashing (android)

It would be really appreciated that before adding more bells and whistles you could solve the problem of the app crashing .
Theres no chance of me ever forgetting my password as i am constantly entering it .

Interesting. My app (also android) hasn’t crashed a single time since I startes using it half a year ago. :thinking:

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Have you uninstalled and reinstalled?

Once done you just bang in your email you used originally on reinstalling and click link in authorisation email and you’ll just need to create password.

That failing is your phone up to date? Unusual to hear of crashing problems

Thanks for info
They keep advising me to update which i do .

But just crashing most times with no option of the feed back page .

Thanks again

You say updating. I mean delete the app and download it again.

Removed and reinstalled many times phone is bang up to date .

Thanks for input

Appreciate it


Been on these forums ages and I can only remember the complaint once or twice. Is your phone more than a few years old? If not perhaps there is a conflicting app.

Try go to settings/device car/memory and click optimise. Hopefully that will close all apps.

I assume you’ve restarted phone too etc. Is your memory full? Is phone struggling for processing or space?

Samsung A8 , up to date

Nothing running in the background not short of space .

Every other App runs without issues .

Thanks for you help


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