I have transferred funds to my account 48 hrs ago and they have still not arrived. I have contacted the chat helpline but despite several attempts I have received no response, does anyone have a contact number or email address they can share please. Many thanks.

I’m not sure there is a contact number to be honest

@MeghanB26 @shanice @Gemhappe

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In app chat is generally super good in responding.


Hi Michael :wave:

Sorry about this. :disappointed_relieved: Would you mind dropping me a DM so I can look into this for you please? :pray:

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Hi Meghan.

I completed a bank transfer yesterday morning and as yet the money has not him my freetrade account. My bank has confirmed the money has left my account. I did forget to attach the reference number, but have been unable to reach anyone via the chat service. Thanks Mick

Hi Mick :wave:

Thanks for clarifying - can you just drop me a direct message (DM) as these are private? I’ll need some details from you to look into this? :pray:


Hi Megan

Not sure if this is a DM ?

Nope. :joy:

Not if I can read it! Click on Meghan’s picture, then select “message”.

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I have clicked on the picture but do not get a message option ?

I’ll DM you Michael! :+1:

Thanks Megan.

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I’ll close this one up as it looks like it’s being resolved!