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Feel what in your water another buy entry :thinking:

lol, no, not another buy entry, I’m tapped out. I feel that it’s brewing, if it’s going to do anything it’s going to start now.

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Habe you heard anything :thinking: as price at a pretty low place :roll_eyes:

No, i’ve not heard anything. No one talks to me.

2 and a bit months left in the quarter and this is the quarter they get their first pick up of their offtake.

Not heard anything about delays.

In fact they posted a message about their new rig they are testing which can do 500 tons per hour.

I would also imagine some news about more off takes.

Also last night while i was out with the cat i seen a really big shooting star, so it’s pretty much a done deal now.

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Must been big cat if walking it :rofl::rofl:

Lol, not really a big fella, long story about why this came about. Be he’s been doing it since he was a kitten so he thinks it’s normal and all the other cats he sees are out naked.

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Oversubscribed Placing of £7,500,000 to fund production and growth strategy


  • Oversubscribed Placing of £7,500,000 at 6p with new and existing shareholders
  • Capital raise to fund final capital expenditure ("capex") and enable further expansion
  • Company now fully funded to first revenue from sale of coking coal under existing offtake
  • Company targeting additional offtakes for coking coal, thermal coal and coke product
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To be honest i did not see another placing coming. But at 6p a share to get them over the line it doesn’t phase me, oversubscribed and not discounted as such sounds pretty good to me. Next couple of months should be very interesting.


Just for some clarity on why the placing was done.

I bought shares for the coking coal, the thermal side of it was a bonus as theyvwere digging it up anyway it made sense, but i think they will miss the boat on that one, i’d be really happy to be proved wrong as it may do more than good to the share price if they come back and say it won’t be going ahead.

Bit of a downturn today. Bunch of people jumped out on news of the delay. Some of them must have taken a bit of a loss. I guess that must make me an investor now rather than a trader as i scooped up some more.

If the Rns had read that upon further analysis they found what they at first thought was coal turned out to be compacted feaces then i could see a reason to jump out. But it’s still coal so i see no reason to cut my losses.

Lets see if in a couple of months i’m going to regret this.

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That sounds like a step on the journey to being a bag holder mate :sweat_smile::joy:

If that turns out to be true it won’t be the first time :rofl:

But i’m really fixated on paying my next edf energy bill with profits from a coal company. My quarterly bill was due today so i missed that boat. So CGO now has 1 full quarter to fulfil my dream.

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At long last. Hopefully this gets things moving on up


I’ve been following this one but not pulled the trigger yet. It looks like after several days, it may be a good time get a position.


Holding now at 5p,


What do you think it’ can reach 5p?

Well this is the week they start producing the coke coal washers are in place. So a good hold until updates.

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Great news -

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