Covanta Holding Corporation CVA

This company offers waste-management and energy solutions… It even has a few waste-to-energy projects that aim to make waste disposal friendlier to the environment.

This is an interesting company. They take waste and turn it into electricity.

Maybe one to watch.

This is their ex earnings day today.
How does that work exactly?

What time do they check who has got what number of shares? Is it at opening? Closing? As they like individually?

Do they notify us? If so is it with details? What the dividend is? What shares I am listed as holding? What my payout will be?

I ask because I have bought some extra shares today and wonder if they will be counted?

Sorry to be so pig ignorant but I’m quite a freshman on here and especially would like to learn about dividends and how they work.
If anyone has a good understanding of this and a spare few minutes could they please explain it to me?


You need to hold the shares at closing the day before the ex date. So yesterday, not today. Whatever you bought today will not give you a dividend payment.
The dividend will be paid to freetrade on the pay date and then directed to your account.
The amount will be number of shares times dividend amount per share.

Thanks that’s really helpful if a tad disappointing for my dividend but at least I’ll know in future.

Happy New Year