Receiving dividends AFTER 4pm 🧐

Hey guys just curious on what yall think on this. Every time i receive a dividend it always seems to be after 4pm. And it got me thinking hmmmmm.
That leaves me with 2 options, when I reinvest either pay the fee or wait until the next day or in today’s case wait until Monday. Maybe it’s just an unlucky coincidence but it would be nice to receive dividends before 4pm to reinvest without paying the fee. Yes I know freetrade is a business and need to make money but it’s a clever tactic if it is a tactic. Just thinking out loud.

How would that benefit freetrade?
And how does it matter for you if it’s reinvested 1 day later?

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I have had dividends before 4pm. Here’s one example which I got at around 09:21 on 28th January 2019.

From what I recall I have had some this week as well but for some odd reason there’s no exact timestamp on any of the Intercom messages… or I have totally missed where it is.

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I would think it’s obvious! It costs £1 for instant transaction which you would usually use after 4pm so that’s how freetrade benefits. Also IF there was a stock at an attractive price there is a chance that that price would be different the next day. Hopefully this explains :+1:t4:

Your right ,earlier on in the year I too received divs before 4pm. But maybe it’s a new tactic which I would do too if I was freetrade

I prefer to take it as it is, which is dividends are processed at various times during the day. I’d imagine that the monetary benefit of purposely delaying until after 4pm would be very small. Besides if you get the dividend at say 16:01, then there’s not a massive difference between that and getting it say 09:01 the next day.

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I would have thought it has more to do with when the company actually pays Freetrade than some kind of devious plot to make you pay a quid