Crowdcube rewards

(Vik Paw) #48

Swap them for something… #FreeTrade

(Vik Paw) #49

Actually, I’m reconsidering now… the Purple has swayed me :blush:

(Chris) #50

I’m down with that.

(Chris) #51

Damnit Alex!!


Do we have to turn up to the launch event all swagged out?


Turned away at the door if not /s


Awww shucks, still at the same position.


Yep, still about 3000ish - are they just tormenting me?

(Alex Sherwood) #56

I’m at the same position too & I did invest £500, it looks like something’s gone wrong there :sweat_smile:


Sorry guys, little lag in the jump coming through. It’s coming soon.

(Aris David) #58

I’m still at 900+, not updating. Perhaps, that’s really my spot :wink:


Hey don’t fret - should only be a few hours at most to come through. You’ll def have an extra bump

(Gareth) #60

Can we see a sneak peak of the hoody / t-shirt and cap? I can’t decide! :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #61

I can’t show you that but here’s another sneak peak of the socks :stuck_out_tongue:


Guessing they’ll look like these Freetrade t-shirts and hoodies:


We should get Freetrade traders jackets.


73 places boosted… not sure how long this stimulus package will last :rocket:

(Steve Sharrott) #65

Of course, the flip side to the qualifiers of a boost reward is the rest of us could plummet like a stone! I’ve dropped eleven places. Position 821 at the moment.

(Gareth) #66

Ooh, that hoody looks nice!


It’s nice but went with the big logo t-shirt… going to treat it like the superman base layer… who’s with me? :joy: