Crowdcube rewards


Are my eyes deceiving me?! :thinking: How am I still being boosted? :joy:


When’s this supposed to happen? I was R1, R2 and £5k+ R3 and worse on the list today - now at 5,248!


You shouldn’t be concerned with this list because i was under the impression from @Viktor that R1 & R2 investors are priority access anyway i.e. you’re not subject to the waitlist.

(Chris) #71

Tell me they do a size 14. Please!

(Viktor) #72

Exactly. :+1:


Exactly right. We haven’t put through R3 queue jumps for early access r1 and r2 investors as for you the queue doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:

(Dave Smith) #74

I don’t actually care where I am in the queue, I’m just liking the fact there’s nearly 50,000 other people in it

How many people in the queue are seriously going to use FreeTrade?

Spot on!




That was an expensive jump by one spot!


Luckily you’re so high up, that it won’t really make a difference :muscle: Unless we go in batches of 36 (we won’t)


You could have told me before I blew all that money :wink:

(Vladislav Kozub) #79

Remember that you did not pay for the queue jump, it was only an augmented benefit. You will still be exposed to the grrowth of your shares’ value regardless :wink:


It’s like rain on your wedding day…


Can I have my access boosted please. I am R3🙇‍♂️


Dm-ed you dude :slight_smile:


Do R3 £500+ investors get to choose when to activate our 1 free month of Alpha, or will it begin automatically as soon as access to the live app is granted?
I prefer choice (say within a 12 month window) because it would allow me to optimise and I think the better experience investors have with their free month, the more conversion Freetrade will garner.

(Viktor) #84

Yes! :+1:


Thanks Freetrade team! I got my swag pack of Freetrade awesomeness today! I was not expecting it at all today. Thought it would be for a few weeks or so as posted. I have to say that I love everything I got! The pretty socks - oh, I love pink! , the shopping bag - yes! saves me 6p! the cap - fits my head perfectly and it’s the same color combination as the other cap I wear! the shirt - I chose medium and it’s too loose for me being a 10 but my partner likes it so it’s his! Thank you for the very nice rewards! :heart_eyes:

(Joseph Goh) #86

Hey Freetrade team !

Any timeline for getting the R3 investor or those who referred their friends onboard with the app ? I am currently at #12 in the queue :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #87

Hey Joseph :wave:

I’ve shared some more details about our plans today in this topic -

The latest on the rollout