Crowdcube rewards

(Joseph Goh) #88

Awesome ! Thank you. Can’t wait to try out the app and start investing :money_mouth_face:

(Asa Carter) #89

Just got my swag pack. Awesome, thanks :grinning::+1:

(Fabian Flatz) #90

I got my saw pag today too. :smiley:
Unfortunately, my hoddie is a bit big for me. Anyone wants to trade sizes? Got an XL and would need an L.

(Alex Sherwood) #91

Hey Fabian, Toby’s sent you a message about helping with this :slight_smile:

(Fabian Flatz) #92

Cool, just saw it. Thanks guys! Seems like his solution would do just fine. :grinning:

(Tom) #94

Does one have to activate the free month immediately, or can I wait until out of Beta?

(Vladislav Kozub) #95

If the plans are as they were, you will have the ability to choose when to activate.

(Gareth) #96

@Toby I saw in the Weekly Wrap that all of the swag packs have all been sent, but I haven’t had mine yet - any way you can tell me when it should arrive? Cheers.


I’m with him :point_up:


Just dm’d you and @Gaz92


HI toby, I havent receiced mine either😖


I’ll check this out and dm you too.


I got mine! :smiling_imp:

The socks are ace, but the hoody is fab, I think I’ve already lost it to the GF.

(Steve Sharrott) #102

Is there any chance you might sell some merchandise in the future?


+1 on this.

If anyone is selling their cap :billed_cap: and/or hoodie (medium), private message me on here.


There was a cap? Damn I missed out lol

(Denislav) #105

Honestly, please consider this because I am very much in LOVE with the socks and it was a very hard time for me when I learned that one cannot buy them. :frowning: @Toby @alex.s

(Emma) #106

Stay strong :muscle:t2:



Just a heads up to say if you’re missing your swag pack, please do DM me here or the team on live chat - thanks!

(Marco c.) #108

Hi, i’m an r3 investor. Am I supposed to have a badge here and in the app?