Crowdcube rewards

(Tom Halloran) #109

Hey @Toby, I’m still owed some swag I think from the investment round (can’t DM you as only just signed up to the forum). Also - is there any news on the launch party?


Hey Tom - just DM’d you. :slight_smile:


what are the timeline for each round, cause I forgot to apply for mine and I don’t know whether I’m R2 or R3 investor


R3 crowdfund was around May this year. R2 I think was 2yrs ago?

(Alex Sherwood) #113

The crowdfunding rounds were in:

R1 - July 2016

R2 - February 2017

R3 - May 2018

Toby will be in touch about your swag.


how does one go about matching their profile on here with the investor flair?:sunglasses:


Just DM us!