Crowdfund R7 Rewards

@NeilB @Rajan07 this chat seems to have some lack of response guys. Any chance you can help me get my freetrade shirt/hoodie please? The chat in the app is not helpful and of course emails never got returned. Appreciate if you can make it work with minimum pain… thanks

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HI @Nn12, please drop me a DM.

Apologies to anyone else waiting on delayed swag. We will do a shipment shortly to gather up those who haven’t got theirs yet.


I’ve finally got my founding member badge & title!
Thanks @sampoullain


And you’re rocking it! @sishbi

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@sampoullain dont seem to be able to pm you unfortunately. Might it be because i dont have any specific right (e.g. investor etc?) if you could message please i should be able hit reply then

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DM’d you @Nn12 :call_me_hand:

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