Crowdfund R7 Rewards

HI @Nn12, please drop me a DM.

Apologies to anyone else waiting on delayed swag. We will do a shipment shortly to gather up those who haven’t got theirs yet.


I’ve finally got my founding member badge & title!
Thanks @Freetrade_Team


And you’re rocking it! @sishbi

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@Freetrade_Team dont seem to be able to pm you unfortunately. Might it be because i dont have any specific right (e.g. investor etc?) if you could message please i should be able hit reply then

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DM’d you @Nn12 :call_me_hand:

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I have now received the long waited swag (t shirt)…but the size is “XL” while the one I have requested was “M”. This was communicated both via email and in here (via dm)

it is understandable that Freetrade is growing to be huge company where such things can happen but c’mon after 1 year of waiting, getting a wrong size is just very sad. Could you please help arranging re-delivery and make the process less painful this time (hope we are not talking of 2023 for re-delivery)

@Freetrade_Team @NeilB


Is the t shirt too big? They did communicate that they were gonna upsize what people requested as the sizes were on the small size as listed.

think it is fair to say that in any size convention jump from M to XL is pretty “big”. I can literally fit at least 2 more people of same size as me in that XL shirt.

I’m still waiting but given up hope now!

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When I got mine a while back they said they did one size up there was something about it in the forum

@Freetrade_Team @NeilB let me know please team. Would really appreciate if this can be done with support.

for the reference, even referring to some points above, my shirt wasnt “sized up”, but rather doubled. Hope for understanding.

Just to note, Neil has taken a step back from the community - @Freetrade_Team is the main guy who you’re looking for.

thanks Scott!

@Freetrade_Team would love to hear more on how you can help out with the issue.


I was an investor from 2020 and never got any of the merch mentioned when investing even when I got multiple google forms throughout the years about this


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I’m happy to see the merchandise has evolved from the pair of socks I received years ago.

Am wondering - are there any perks to sticking with Freetrade all these years?

Incentives to stay seem minimal, and I feel almost completely forgotten about seeing as all the new investors are receiving shirts and hoodies.

Maybe it’s time to move on :smiling_face_with_tear:

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A t-shirt or hoodie should not form the basis of staying or moving brokers. Ive invested over several rounds and never received an ounce of merchandise. I’m not really fussed but more concerned that Freetrade do an important role in helping me manage my investment portfolio.