Crowdfunding round eight, Wed 14 Sep 2022 🎈

I just checked on my investment to plum and see the Freetrade is still on the available options to invest in on CC. It says ends today, strange.

Please tell me you never invested in Plum?

Normal Crowdcube behaviour in the campaign closing stage: CC tries to refill dropped pledges and/or mitigate related issues, and for that to happen, they occasionally briefly reopen the investment button - affected people would have been contacted. On an ideal website, this would happen away from public eyes, but well…

Hi @JL3 :wave: - $ALPP is now live on your app!

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Black women missing from tech industry, says report Black women missing from tech industry, says report - BBC News

I did :grimacing:

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Are you surprised by that ?

I bought shares in Freetrade during the last crowd funding round and would like to sell them. I’m willing to sell at a 20% discount. The number of shares is 541 and was bought at 5k GBP.

If anyone is interested, please message me.

Your shares might be worth considerably less than your 20% discount considering the recent downturn in tech stocks overall.

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He probably doesn’t want you to point that out :joy:


I’m just curious if this forum is a good place to find buyers since this is a private company so there is no simple way to find the current valuation and buyers/sellers

If we’re trying to discover a price I’ll kick it off with an offer of 20p per share.

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How come it’s down 50x times? tech in general didn’t fall by 98%

Sure. Someone else might offer you more :smiley:

Hi there

Just a reminder that we have a community rule that prohibits offering/buying shares in Freetrade on the forum.


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If rumours prove true and Freetrade is sold off you might get paid out for your shares anyway. At what price is anyones guess!


I didn’t know that. I don’t see why that should be prohibited tho

Interesting, where do you see that?



Sky news link…