Current ISA offer

So, I got myself a Stocks ISA with FT after getting a message about a free share.
When might I expect to see that show up as pending on my account?
I do know it won’t credit fully until 30 days after the first deposit, or completed transfer, just wondering when I’d get that “You’re getting a free share” thing pop up like it did when I first signed up.

Usually within 7 to 10 days I think

Edit: unless there’s specific terms and conditions for that special offer. I’m unaware if that could be the case

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It’s based on what you have deposited within the first 14 days of opening it, so probably not going to be till after then.

You can see the terms and conditions further down. Stocks and shares ISA - Open ISA account - Best ISA broker 2022

I guess I’m ineligible since I opened my ISA before 23rd September to start an ISA transfer :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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That makes sense, thank you. I am assuming I am eligible as I opened mine after getting the message!

My understanding is that you will get two shares, one for membership for £2 top up and one more based on your investment total for 14 days after opening an account.

That’s different offers. The smaller share is when you open an account using someone’s link and deposit at least £1. It might be £2? The person whose link it was will also get a free share.

This is about the graduated value free share earned when opening a freetrade stocks ISA and depositing at least £500 within a set period of time.

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