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What about Dabbl invest - I think they have users trading on IOS already?


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Dabbl Invest, unlike Freetrade, is not free.

  1. £2 a month give you 3 transactions (i.e. at £0.67 each) that are made on the next day.
  2. If you want it instant - it will cost you £5
  3. £2.50 per month admin fee if the portfolio is over £7,500

They have a very long pricing schedule, if you are interested.

I cannot see their USP at all except the fact they are small, whereas their fees are higher than few fo the conventional brokers.

Freetrade gives you free unlimited service for the rest of your life (S&S ISA at £3 pm) and Freetrade’s “Later” transactions are made at the end of the day, as opposed to Dabbl’s next day.


Their approach to pricing says it all.

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And also, do they have a super-transparent, engaging and responsive team and a forum?


No but you can take a picture of a hoodie and buy shares in the company that makes it :wink:

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Hi, @weenie thanks for posting.

Yep, Dabbl has had an iOS app for some time. USP is that you can take a picture of something and then buy shares in the company that made it.

Have you tried the app?


Hi @adam

No, I haven’t tried the app and haven’t seen any reviews from people who have tried it either.


It’s an interesting gimmick but not really something I see catching on

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Props to the idea, but I’m inclined to agree with you @tommy

Where I see this as potentially interesting is in an educational context. It could be a really nice, tangible entry into 101 economics and markets, for kids starting at secondary school?

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It’s good that startups are trying new approaches to getting people interested in investing and saving.

Here’s another: https://bumped.com/ , which wraps stock ownership in the clothes of brand loyalty.

“Get stock for spending with the brands you love. Link your credit or debit card. Live your life. Become an owner.”

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Interesting… Seems too good to be true? Buy a frappucino and get free Starbucks stock :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi All, new to the community

I also saw dabbl around the time of r1 or r2. For the Londoner’s they had a full page in the Evening Standard as a new Start Up…now who can we think of that would deserve that today?

Since then I have not seen much and share the view that the picture matching is fun but ultimately a gimmick. They are also really trying to add value through research rather than being a low cost, super clean app. I don’t think that the way to go but will suit some if they can get traction.

Bumped is a new one to me. Interesting. A bit of a mash up between loyalty cards, stocks and the sort of brnad loyalty that payment wallets like yoyo are trying to achieve. Something to watch.


I respect both ideas. Clearly getting millenials / younger generations to want to invest in the first place is a massive challenge for the whole industry. Educating people on investment and risk is an important part of it but it’s not the hook.

I think one of the most basic and intuitive investment philosophies is to buy shares in companies you believe in. It doesn’t cross most people’s mind that they can invest in the products and services they use on a daily basis. Increasing that awareness by engaging people on the companies they already have a relationship with is for me a good strategy to get people to want to invest (guess that is what Dabbl and Bumped are trying to do).

I have friends new to investing who plan to use Freetrade. The hook wasn’t the app or pricing structure, it was a discussion around HelloFresh - they use the product and advocate it to their friends, and they can see the company disrupting the industry. The prospect of investing and benefiting from that growth makes sense. Freetrade is simply the how.

A marketing strategy aimed at getting people interested in investing in the context of the companies/values they are already engaged with would work very well for Freetrade IMO. Also a good way to differentiate from robo-advisers who don’t have the execution only architecture.


Whats happening at Dabbl …
We wanted to give you a flavour of what we have been up to over at Dabbl HQ. Over the summer there is a new version of the Dabbl app (Android) ready for release, the opportunity to invest in Dabbl directly (yes really!) and some exciting new Dabbl product features being launched. So stay tuned to be the first to get involved

Could they be crowdfunding too?

(Close to being off topic but) Acorns is launching a payment card in the US https://www.acorns.com/spend/ to get closer to banking and make its round-up savings and “cash forward” https://www.acorns.com/foundmoney/ propositions real time.

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For anyone that’s interested here’s that announcement.

TL;DR - It’s just a lot of PR with a single sentence at the end saying they’ll be launching a campaign soon :slight_smile:

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Happening very soon, they say:

We’re having a campaign launch party on June 26th! :tada:


I am not endorsing you invest or engage in anyway with Dabbl.

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Here’s a more condensed (less detailed) summary of their pricing -

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I have absolutely no understanding of their purpose. You pay membership fee (say £0.67 per transaction) and then you pay £1 for end-of-the-day transactions? Or £8 for instant with membership? And administration fee?

Please explain if I am missing something. Freetrade does all the same for £0…


You are right, their pricing isn’t optimal. It might become more competitive, they just need to let Freetrade’s success show them the way. :smile:

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